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The Purpose of Tithes and Offerings

When we offer up to God our material goods, we are telling God that he is more important than any of our material goods. Proverbs 3:9 advises us to honor the Lord with the first fruits of our increase.

Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is a noble profession that enrich not only the lives of a congregation, but also enriches the community at large. An effective minister should be able to be supported by his or her congregation so that they nor their family should be overly concerned for their subsistence. 1st Timothy 5:17 advises us to double honor elders who labor in ministry and preaching the word of God.

Evangelism can be done within a church’s home community, through an evangelistic campaign in a geographic area, or through missionaries stationed in another community or country. In all cases, evangelists require support through tithes and offerings from their home church. Philippians 4:16 tells us Paul’s evangelistic mission being supported by the church at Philippi.

The primary purpose of giving tithes and offerings is to honor God. Ministry staff is to supported by their congregation through tithes and offerings. Evangelists are to be supported through tithes and offerings from their home church. Church facilities, organizations, and outreach programs are to be supported by our tithes and offerings. See below for Biblical commentary and scriptures in regard to the purpose of tithes and offerings.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were commanded and received blessings from God for tithing to support the upkeep and administration of God’s temple. This principle of tithes and offerings holds true as well today where our “temple” is the church, the place where we worship and receive our spiritual help. Church facilities and organizations are to be supported by our tithes and offerings. Malachi 3:10 advises us to bring the tithes to the storehouse and blessing will pour out to us from heaven.

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